Pre-Coaching Session Form

This preparation is designed to help you optimise your coaching results, and our time together. The questions below will allow you to briefly reflect on where you're at, and what you'd like to focus on in your upcoming coaching session. You are welcome to change any of your answers later to better meet your needs. We request that you please complete this form at least 24 hours prior to your next coaching session.
  • (Format: dd/mm/yyyy)
  • :
    Please use 12hr time format (i.e. Hours from 1-12 only)
  • A quick note of any changes you've implemented, things you've achieved etc.
  • No need to explain why - just be constructive about it
  • Describe any issues, problems and challenges you're facing
  • Describe briefly what you're doing to overcome your challenges
  • Please be as specific as possible - thinking about this upfront allows for a stronger, more productive session
  • Please describe what would you like to walk away with from our next session?
  • Please note down any questions, or points you'd like to talk about in our next session
    (or any general comments).