Start your own business

Ever thought about starting your own business? Believe it or not, most people have although only a few ever get around to actually doing it. Besides the financial and family constraints, there is a high perceived risk to leaving the traditional career lifestyle. The benefits of such a career move however, can be liberating.

One of the key drivers of the entrepreneurial path is freedom. This can be freedom of purpose, freedom of time, freedom of interaction, or financial freedom. With careful planning and sustained motivation, you can achieve all of these.

Live your dream

There are a number of business coaching tools to support you through the process of starting your own venture. The packages below detail the various offerings:

  • Exploring opportunities
  • Business planning
  • Getting your first customer
  • Growing your business
  • Sustaining your motivation
Exploring opportunities image

Exploring opportunities

Exploring opportunities can be one of the most fun experiences in the process of starting a business. Coaching is an effective means to both generate expansive ideas and narrow them down to what you’d ideally like to focus on. The process involves some self-assessment in terms of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what you’re drawn to.

Understanding these variables in relation to each other enables you to determine what you’re passionate enough to commit to, and capable enough to make successful. This package is structured as three 1 hour coaching sessions and you will walk away with:

  1. An appreciation of your current capabilities and development needs
  2. Areas you’re passionate about, and related business opportunities
  3. Concrete action steps to help you decide which opportunity to focus on
  4. A high level plan of action to take you forward

To sign up for the Exploring Opportunities coaching package or for more details about how it works, please contact us now.

Business planning image

Business planning

Setting up a business need not be overwhelming. Yes, there are many variables to consider and tasks to juggle, but with good planning it will be manageable. This package coaches a new entrepreneur through the process of setting up a venture. It includes details of both the administrative aspects like setting up a company and website, through to operational planning for acquiring, servicing and retaining customers.

This coaching package supports you in breaking down the challenge of starting a business into its various components and tackling each of these with confidence. The package can be tailored to suit your needs and typically it involves 2 one-hour coaching sessions per week for the first six weeks, followed by 6 weekly one-hour sessions. You can expect to feel more confident in your venture and you will walk away with a comprehensive business plan which you will already be delivering against.

For information on pricing options that would suit you best, and more about what value you will get from this package, please get in touch today.

Getting your first customer image

Getting your first customer

A specific challenge faced by many new entrepreneurs is setting up for acquiring and servicing the needs of their first customer. This coaching package aims to help you set up basic sales and necessary business processes efficiently. It also spends some time focusing on a business development strategy that is practical and uses all the resources you have available to you.

If thoughts of cold calling, networking, selling on the internet, invoicing customers, etc. are overwhelming you, then this coaching package will help you create and deliver against a manageable action plan. This package is tailored based on where you are in the process of setting up your venture – please contact a business coach to discuss your specific requirements.

Growing your business image

Growing your business

Scaling a business to make it more profitable requires you have a clear handle on customer needs, organic growth and strategic partnership opportunities. If you’ve already established a business and are looking to grow it, please look at our coaching packages specifically tailored to support growing your business: Grow your Business.

Sustaining your motivation image

Sustaining your motivation

The drive for starting a new business, even one that you’re very passionate about, often fizzles once you’re swamped with administrative headaches and business growth challenges. This coaching package is designed to help you keep your eye on your end goal: the reason why you opted for the entrepreneurial path in the first place.

Whether it’s freedom to do what you love, interact with those who you enjoy interacting with, or working towards the lifestyle you want, witnessing and acknowledging the progress you’re making helps you sustain your motivation. Coaching makes this process a defined one by offering you both a strategic thinking partner as well as a champion that fully supports your cause.

If you want to ensure that you have the staying power to make your new business a success, or are already demotivated or disillusioned with your venture, then please contact a business coach to help you sift through the noise and stay on track.

For more information on any of these start your own business packages, and what you can expect to get out of them, please contact us today – there is no time like the present to start living your dreams.