Grow your business

Whether you are an entrepreneur facing growth challenges with your small business or a large corporate looking for ways to innovate, obtaining a fresh perspective can help revitalise your strategy.

Below are our specialist strategy coaching packages related to growing your business:

  • Preparing for growth
  • Growth strategy
  • Increasing sales
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Online Growth Strategy
Preparing for growth image

Preparing for growth

A surprising number of businesses and propositions fail each year because they are simply not prepared for success. Growing a business, especially quickly so, without having the fundamentals in place is a risky proposition. This package provides a readiness for growth assessment at both a strategic and operational level. This includes examining the current processes and technology, and evaluating them for scaleability.

Following the assessment, your organisation will be provided with concrete recommendations on technology solutions and improvements for process efficiency. For more information on the readiness for growth assessment, please contact Fusionfields today.

Growth strategy image

Growth strategy

If your organisation is efficient and ready to scale, the question of how to do it can be a tricky one. Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders that are able to adopt an alternative perspective that can redefine the industry can take the meaning of success to a new level.

This package involves facilitating a number of brainstorming sessions focused on various elements of growth. The sessions are enhanced with concepts like blue ocean strategy and 10x thinking which are designed to break the mould of traditional business. Following the brainstorming, the ideas are then filtered and incorporated into a pragmatic growth strategy.

For support in developing a rigorous growth strategy for your organisation or business unit, please contact us today. You will see your business in a different light.

Increasing sales image

Increasing sales

Sales is the lifeblood of any organisation. The process of acquiring leads, converting them into profitable customers and retaining them is undoubtedly one of the most significant business challenges.

This package is tailored to your organisation’s context. It looks at not only your own strategy and processes, but also those of your competitors. Some typical elements covered are building a customer database, increasing lead conversion, calculating customer lifetime value, and using technology to boost sales.

Please contact us now to find out more about how your organisation can be a more effective selling machine. The sales strategy recommendations are focused on being practical and cost-effective to implement, so expect a high return on small investment.

Strategic partnerships image

Strategic partnerships

Using partnerships to grow your business allows it to scale its efforts far quicker than growing organically. It is path, however, that is often fraught with challenges that require careful negotiation. Creating effective strategic partnerships requires a clear strategy, a thorough understanding of the value each party contributes and a level of trust that goes beyond just the legal documentation.

Fusionfields supports clients in defining their partnership opportunities based on their strategy and readiness for growth. Whether its joint ventures with other suppliers or process innovations that will dramatically improve service delivery to customers, having an objective eye support your business case development is essential.

For help with defining and implementing your strategic partnership opportunities, please contact Fusionfields now.

Online growth strategies image

Online growth strategies

Driving business growth using innovative technology solutions often defines the leader of the pack in any industry. Using the internet more effectively through the optimisation of online sales processes, SEO, PPC advertising and affiliate programs are some ways in which your organisation can achieve significant growth.

For help with better defining your online presence, developing an internet growth strategy, together with input for the associated business case, please get in touch now.

For more information on what each of these grow your business packages entail and the value you will get from them, please contact us now. We are confident in the strategies we help formulate and are open to discussing a revenue share arrangement so you can minimise your upfront investment.