Practice Development

Practice development is one of the biggest challenges for both new and experienced coaches. Below are some innovative packages consisting of tools and processes to help you market your services more effectively.

  1. Building a leads database
  2. Internet-based coach marketing
  3. Offline marketing
  4. Coaching Practice Development Programme
Building a leads database image

Building a Leads Database

Securing the first few paying clients is often the most demotivating period of a coach’s career. This package aims to make that process more manageable by implementing some best practice sales techniques. It includes a detailed database template and a step by step guide to building leads and converting them into paying coaching clients.

Internet-based coach marketing image

Internet-based Coach Marketing

This package examines your online presence in terms of clarity, content and search engine optimisation. It shows you in detail how to effectively use Google, PPC advertising, online coaching directories and social networking to grow your coaching business. This includes building and using a Facebook page for your practice.

Offline marketing strategies image

Offline Marketing Strategies

An optimal marketing strategy for coaching covers both online and offline media. Some options many coaches neglect to pay attention to are doing volunteer work, coaching research, using retail marketing strategies, article writing, community radio and more. This package provides an introduction to some of these techniques and provides you with a practical approach to try each one.

Coaching practice development image

Coaching Practice Development Programme

This is a specially tailored programme that provides a structured approach to three key areas of coaching practice development: generating leads; converting them into paying clients; and having efficient processes in place to service those clients. For more information on how the programme is structured, pricing as well as the timing of the next one, please visit the detailed Coaching Practice Development programme page.

For more about what you receive in each of the packages above, please contact us now.