Contract Strategy Projects

Hire an experienced strategy consultant to structure and deliver your corporate strategy projects:

  • Strategy Project Management
  • Business Case Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Growth and Market Entry Strategy
  • Process Innovation and Efficiency
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Presence and Online Strategy
Strategy project management image

Strategy Project Management

If your organisation is stretched for resources and strategy skills, you can hire a strategy project manager on contract to help. This is also a useful option if you want to ensure your organisation’s interests are met when working with external management consultants – this can be in terms of ensuring knowledge transfer, effective use of your resources, sense-checking project plans for cost-effectiveness, and more.

To discuss how best this might be structured, or to hire a strategy project manager on contract, please contact Fusionfields now.

Business case development image

Business Case Development

Establishing, with rigour, whether a new project or product makes good business sense is essential if you don’t want to squander your money. Hiring an experienced manager and financial modeller to oversee, objectively sense-check, and expand your team’s thinking around costs, risks and benefits will help you make more informed decisions.

If you have a portfolio of products or projects, this approach can also help you prioritise them and appropriately allocate resources for the maximum return on investment. If your goal is to train your staff to be more structured in their approach and their financial modelling, please consider putting them through our Strategic Thinking training programme.

For more information on contract rates for business case development or our credentials in the area, please contact us now.

Competitor analysis image

Competitor Analysis

Any profitable organisation operating in a free market faces competitive pressures. Predicting the strategy and likely response of your competitors with some accuracy unquestionably gives you an edge.

As a value-add service, we can also provide some potential opportunities for growth based on the results of the competitive analysis. If you would like a detailed assessment of your competitive space including an evaluation of your own capabilities, then please get in touch now.

Growth and Market Entry strategy image

Growth and Market Entry Strategy

It is prudent to adopt a measured approach to growth, whether locally or internationally. Fusionfields can support your organisation with critical elements of business case development including market sizing, demand assessment and pricing strategy. We can also help you create long-lists and short-lists of potential strategic partners based on your specific business objectives.

To find out more about our approach to growth and market entry, and our rates, please contact us now.

Process innovation and efficiency image

Process Innovation and Efficiency

Regardless of a recessionary or boom market, it is good business sense to ensure your cost structure is kept as low as possible. A regular contributor to unnecessary cost is process inefficiency – particularly the type that becomes entrenched because of inappropriate use of technology, or automation of inefficient manual processes.

Do more with less is Fusionfields goal with respect to such projects. For a solution that is tailored to your needs, please contact us now.

Marketing strategy image

Marketing Strategy

Strategy consulting frameworks aside, the key to running a successful business is timeously meeting your customer’s needs. An effective marketing strategy is essential to bring your product or service to the customer’s mind when their need arises. This involves having a good understanding of your customer as well as their drivers in choosing between competing offerings.

Understanding your customers can be achieved through market research and competitive analysis. Appreciating customer purchase drivers requires building on that analysis to identify clearly defined segments. Only after you’ve done that can you start developing targeted propositions to individual segments that will maximise the probability of a sale, and the profit you can glean from it.

For support in implementing a rigorous approach to developing a marketing strategy, please contact a strategy coach today.

Online strategy and web presence image

Online Strategy and Web Presence

If you are not ranked highly for the keywords customers search for when looking for your products and services, there is certainly room for improvement in terms of your web presence. Using the internet more effectively through efficient online sales processes, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and affiliate programs can yield substantial returns.

For help with developing a robust online strategy, and boosting your web presence, together with measurable KPIs, please contact an online strategy coach now.

If you have a specific strategy or change management related project in mind for your organisation, please contact a strategy project lead now and we can discuss the most appropriate way forward.