Strategic Thinking Partner

If you are a CEO, product development or strategy executive, or business planning manager, consider hiring a business strategy coach to support you through the strategy formulation process.

The concept of a strategy coach or strategic thinking partner is different from a strategy consultant. Strategy consultants analyse data and make recommendations. A strategy coach helps you think more rigorously about your plans, their effectiveness, value and risks. Strategy coaches help expand your team’s thinking and support you by challenging ideas. The goal is to bolster your or your team’s strategic thinking capability.

  • Strategy Coach for Executives
  • Strategy Coach for Teams
  • Strategy Coaching for Managers and Management Consultants
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Strategy Coach for Executives

Having an objective, strategic thinking partner can be an invaluable asset for senior executives. A strategy coach provides an intelligent sounding board to test and challenge your strategies. This allows executives the freedom to think about issues and potential solutions through in a safe space, with more rigour than they would otherwise be able to apply.

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Strategy Coach for Teams

Strategy coaching can be particularly effective for teams tasked with delivering innovation, new product development, process efficiency, business planning and change management projects. The role of a strategy coach in this instance is largely one of a facilitator that will help the team expand its thinking and stay focused on the established objectives.

Having an objective strategy coach working with your team avoids group think as the coach often plays devil’s advocate, and does so in a way that maintains a healthy team motivation level. The return on investment can be measured by the strengths of the ideas and solutions that the team produces.

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Managers and Management Consultants

Managers and management consultants typically use strategy coaches to help structure their planning and projects to be as efficient and effective as possible. Strategy coaching at this level results in improved forecasting and resource allocation, stronger contingency planning and a more structured approach to problem solving.

The strategy coaching process does not allow for spoon-feeding. In fact, it is designed to strengthen independent and structured thinking in clients. To this end, many organisations choose to employ strategy coaches for their top performing managers as a springboard to the next level in their careers.

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Hire an expert strategic thinker with over 15 years blue-chip experience to coach you or your executive team to develop a robust business strategy.

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