Team Coaching

Develop a high performing team with the use of a professional coach. Team coaching is particularly well-suited to teams involved with new product development, strategy formulation and process innovation.

The three packages below each take a unique, coaching-based approach to building and maintaining effective teams:

  • Team alignment
  • Team Building
  • Maximising team performance
Team alignment image

Team alignment

A characteristic of dysfunctional teams, and indeed dysfunctional organisations, is that there is a lack of shared vision. Without real alignment to a common goal or vision, not only is the team suboptimal in terms of productivity, but it could also destroy value.

The team alignment package generally consists of a half-day facilitative workshop. Some preparatory work is required by the team’s stakeholders as input. The goal of the workshop is to clearly define the team’s output when it is operating at its peak, and to agree concrete actions steps to get the team to that optimal state.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the team and the number of stakeholders involved. Please contact us now to discuss your needs.

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Team building

The business coaching approach to team building is somewhat different to the traditional outdoor activity based team building exercises. The traditional approach, whilst great for bonding, typically does not add much value in the day-to-day team functioning. This is precisely the focus of this team coaching package.

In order to operate effectively as a team, there needs to be an understanding of what value each team member brings. For optimal performance, there also needs to be an understanding as to what is the best way to approach and get the most out of each member. Typically, the coaching team-building approach begins with a short competency, work-style and preferences assessment. This is used to inform an half-day workshop in which each team member learns about what would be an effective way of interacting and solving problems together.

The pricing of this package depends on the size of the team. Please contact us now to discuss your team building needs.

Maximising team performance image

Maximising team performance

If the team has already established its goal and is looking for the best way to achieve it, then this is the team coaching package that will add the most value. Coaching tools like appreciative inquiry and constructive feedback techniques can signficantly enhance both team dynamics and performance.

This package consists of a half-day workshop in which the facilitator doubles as a strategic thinking partner to help the team determine an optimal process to get to their desired goal. The outputs of the workshop typically include details on process, and the optimal way team members should interact with each other.

The maximising team performance package’s pricing depends on the size of the team. Please contact us now to discuss your specific needs.

For more information on team coaching packages and the coaching approach to team building, please get in touch now.