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Hire an experienced facilitator to run your workshops or meetings efficiently and effectively. A facilitator’s role includes introducing the session, time-keeping and maintaining the ground rules. More importantly, it is the facilitator’s responsibility to ensure that the workshop participants feel included and engaged in the process, and that the agreed goals of the meeting are achieved.

Some typical projects that facilitators are hired for are:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Strategy workshops
  • Marketing and Brand Positioning
  • Corporate Visioning (developing vision, mission statements)
  • Company culture workshops
  • Change management projects
Brainstorming sessions image

Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions are used to generate lots of new ideas and potential solutions. Two additional roles of a facilitator in these sessions are to revitalise the creative process if it slows down, and to ensure that the focus remains on idea generation, not analysis.

For more about how best to structure your brainstorming session, who to include in it, and how to produce the most innovative ideas, please contact us now.

Strategy workshops image

Strategy Workshops

Whether it’s formulating long term business plans, product or operational strategies, having an experienced facilitator support you through the process can be invaluable. Whilst subject matter expertise is not necessarily a requirement of good facilitation, knowledge of a variety of strategy frameworks and how to use them appropriately can help your team develop more robust, well thought-out plans.

If you would like to know more about facilitation of strategy workshops, or would like to know how best to apply facilitation in your specific context, please contact Fusionfields today.

Marketing and brand positioning image

Marketing and Brand Positioning

Understanding market research processes, applied customer segmentation and branding strategies allows a facilitator to more effectively guide your team through marketing and positioning workshops. Knowing the appropriate questions to ask and what to challenge makes the results of your meeting more dependable and rigorous.

For more information on facilitating your marketing or branding workshops, please get in touch now.

Corporate visioning image

Corporate visioning

One of the most common reasons to hire an external facilitator is for support to develop corporate vision and mission statements. Maintaining objectivity and ensuring inclusion of all participants is key for a successful session in which all members buy-in to the end result.

To help structure and facilitate your visioning process, as well as provide ideas on how best to roll-out the results to the larger organisation, please contact us today.

Company culture workshops image

Company culture workshops

Addressing organisation culture can be a particularly sensitive subject for both staff and the executive team. Here, in addition to the basic role of the facilitator, there is the added responsibility of maintaining a positive and results-oriented session. Effective workshops ensure that not only are the challenges with the current culture raised, but also that constructive action steps are defined to move the organisation to where it would ideally like to be.

For more about defining your organisation culture and how best to engage all the stakeholders, please contact a facilitator today.

Change management projects image

Change management projects

Managing people effectively through a large-scale change management project can be challenging. Whether it is the implementation of new HR processes, a technology solution or an organisational restructure, engaging staff and obtaining buy-in at all levels is a critical success factor.

Hiring an objective, external facilitator to work with your team can be a very cost-effective alternative to management consultants. For more information on how best to structure this aspect of your change project, please contact us now.

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