Business Strategy Coaching

Business strategy, whether it is addressing competition, customers, operational efficiency, products or services, is a critical part of successful businesses. Whilst business models vary across industries and often across competitors within an industry, there are always opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

Most business strategy engagements are bespoke. Projects depend on the leadership team’s objectives and can span over the entire organisational structure for large change management projects, to addressing specific goals like improving staff motivation or innovation within a single department. Some typical business strategy engagements are detailed below:

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Hire an experienced external facilitator for your workshops, brainstorming sessions, training breakouts, culture change programmes and more. A good facilitator takes care of the process and participation elements of your workshop. This allows your team to focus on the content and the session’s desired outcome.

For more details and pricing, please visit our hire a facilitator page.

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Strategy Coaching

Develop robust business strategies with the use of a strategic thinking partner. Strategy coaching provides tools and processes to ensure your plans are sound from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives include those of the customer, your shareholders, your staff, suppliers and any other stakeholders you identify as relevant. Additionally, your strategy coach can prove invaluable as external sense-check from both a quantitative and qualitative point of view.

To learn more about how this works, please visit our strategy coaching page.

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Grow your Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a small business or a large corporate, growth is often easier talked about than accomplished. Successful growth requires strategies that consider both your target market and your firm’s capabilities. Fusionfields can help you expand your thinking when looking at opportunities, and focus your energies when you need to implement them.

For more details about how our growth packages work, please visit our grow your business page.

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Team Coaching

High performing teams are the life-blood of operational efficiency and innovation. Appreciating what colleagues bring to a project or organisation is key to defining their potential contribution to the team. Effectively using that, together with understanding what drives individual team members, will maximise the value they add.

If you are setting up a new team, or are trying to revitalize a dysfunctional one, then visit our team coaching page for more.

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Contract Strategy Projects

Fusionfields can support your team by leading and/or executing specific strategy projects you need to get done. These could be anything from competitor analysis and balanced scorecard implementations to change management projects and business case development for new products.

For more information, please visit our contract strategy projects page.

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